What is comp-xm?

A simulation-based competency exam, Comp-XM goes beyond reporting the recall of acquired knowledge. It provides a clear picture of how effectively student can use their business acumen to actively manage a business in an evolving, competitive environment. Easy-to-read reports provide extensive data that can be used for assessment, assurance of learning, and to support accreditation processes.

why use comp-xm?

Bridging the 'knowing-doing' gap

With comp-XM, each student is assessed on two key parameters—their business knowledge and their ability to apply it in practice. Students better understand their strengths and weaknesses while faculty can utilize Comp-XM as a final exam or benchmark performance against learning goals to demonstrate Assurance of Learning.

We use Comp-XM for our AACSB accreditation and for internal assessment. The simulation experience itself remains one of the most helpful to our business students, both in the undergraduate and graduate schools. I've been using Capsim for more than 10 years and frankly, never plan to stop.

- Janis Dietz, University of La Verne

clear and comprehensive reports

Data ranging from individual performance evaluations to course-based assurance of learning outcomes are presented in easy-to-understand reports:

  • Functional Area Report - Course-level summaries drill down to individual student performance.
  • Assurance of Learning Report - Data from the exam are collected for accreditation audits and program assessments.
  • Class Standings Report - Individual questions are analyzed to pinpoint where students excelled or struggled compared to their peer groups.
  • Comparative Scores Report - Information shows how well students understand business concepts relative to their peers.