What is foundation?

Foundation is an introductory business simulation focused on the core functions of a company. Establishing a solid understanding of the basics of business is critical. Research shows knowledge is best gained by doing. Foundation® allows students to experience the inevitable compromises and trade-off decisions managers make every day in finance, operations, marketing and more.

why use foundation?

integrate theory into practice

To grasp how the individual parts of a business impact the entire organization, nothing beats the experience of running a business in a competitive marketplace. Foundation provides that experience—without the real-world risk—along with the opportunity to build a product portfolio, manage costs, analyze the market, and develop forecast, all with a constant eye on.

ins and outs of financial statements

Participants learn to read and understand financial statements, the cause and effect between each part of the company and balance competing demands in the changing marketplace. Foundation provides a framework for understanding business processes, decision-making and key financial reports. By giving participants a hands-on opportunity to run a company, students learn the building blocks of business.

Foundation has changed the way I teach business. The simulation provides an interactive experience that takes students beyond the classroom. Positive student feedback has consistently validated the use of this powerful teaching tool.

- Doug Wilson, University of Oregon

Introduction to business bundle

Foundation can be bundled with its customized textbook Foundation: A Hands-On Introduction to Business Fundamentals to guide students through the simulation.

The bundle includes everything you need to teach business basics:

  • Foundation business simulation
  • Foundation: A Hands-On Introduction to Business Fundamentals textbook
  • Sample course outlines
  • Quizzes and corresponding answers
  • PowerPoint presentations to help introduce each chapter
  • Instructional videos

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