Achieve Your Learning Goals

Every training program begins with learning goals - and is a success only when they’re met. Capsim simulation-based training programs are tailored to your learning goals. They meet them because:

  • Intensive practice with instant feedback helps build mastery
  • An unfamiliar business model opens minds to fresh thinking
  • Debriefs target your business model to bring the lessons home
  • Benchmarks reflect your company’s strategic priorities

Building Business Acumen

Businesses hire people for their technical expertise - but need so much more. More than technical experts, businesses need great managers to achieve strategic targets.

Great managers understand the myriad complex interactions between business and the market and stakeholders both inside and outside the corporate structure. That’s business acumen – and they learn it through experience.

Capsim business simulations fast track that experience, providing opportunities to try and fail and receive instant feedback over and over again, without the risk.

Understanding Business Finance

Finance is the language of business, and every effective manager needs to understand how to read financial statements.

Learning to draw intelligence from the basic numbers becomes more relevant when it’s your own, simulated business. An instructor can explain the technical definition of bankruptcy, but seeing red ink flow on your own balance sheet is much more powerful.

Capsim business simulations are a chance to use the key financial statements, round after round, to discover the information you need to make the decisions that lead to profits.

Improving Team Dynamics

Team based decision-making is a reality of every business. Technology allows teams to collaborate anywhere and anytime, but doesn’t change the human behaviors necessary for effective group decision-making.

Capsim’s TeamMATE module, based on more decades of research into team dynamics, teaches teamwork during the simulation experience. TeamMATE Monitors, Analyzes, Trains and Evaluates the team process in real time.

Peer and self-evaluations providing ongoing data, the training tips in TeamMATE’s Toolkit guide development and the correlation between team performance and corporate results are a strong motivator for improving team behaviors. “Soft skills” are proved to have hard outcomes!

Business Skills Assessment

There are many times when clear information on an individual’s strengths and weaknesses is critical. Whether it is management development, succession planning or hiring, more information is always better.

Capsim’s Comp-XM, the competency exam, is a simulation-based testing tool that provides clear feedback on an individual’s understanding of business concepts and application of business acumen.

Feedback reports quantify strengths and weakness measured against managerial competencies including: Managing Administration & Control, Managing Logistics & Technology, Managing Decision-Making Processes, Managing Strategy & Innovation, Managing Human Capital, Managing the Task Environment – or against learning goals/competencies select by the client company.

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I thought the whole simulation was excellent. It was good exposure to the varied aspects of managing a business. Particularly good in reinforcing the need for a clear strategy and good execution in a changing competitive environment.

The assessment portion of the training was crucial in determining our employees' strengths and weaknesses.