Capsim’s TeamMATE: Evidence-Based Approach To Developing Team Competencies

Team based assignments, team activities and team presentations are integral to most business school programs for one reason: business requires graduates to be more than individual contributors; it requires graduates with management competencies such as team skills.

Capsim’s Comp-XM: Data To Bridge The ‘Knowing-Doing’ Gap

Providing evidence of learning outcomes against learning goals is the deceptively simple objective of assurance of learning initiatives that, in practice, turns out to be complex and time-consuming to accomplish. Chicago, Illinois August 16, 2013 To help business schools manage the

Self-Directed Learning Module To Improve Team Processes

In their observations of student teams working through the simulation, many professors confirm what the research into team dynamics clearly demonstrates: functional teams produce better results.

Featured Professor: Robert Girling

One defining aspect of Capsim is staying power. The many professors who become long-term users demonstrate the relevance of Capsim business simulations over time.

Can A Simulation Save Lives?

Simulations have been used as training tools for years in fields such as aviation, biomechanics, engineering and, of course, business. Even in the medical field, simulations are used quite frequently to teach diagnostic and training procedures. However, a breakthrough development

Featured Professor: Robert Björklund

When Professor Robert Björklund suggested that Woodbury University integrate Capsim business simulations throughout their entire business school curriculum in 2003, he heard some disagreement from others in the business school. Faculty was concerned that the simulations may be a duplicate

Future Business Leaders Face Off In Global Simulation Challenge

CHICAGO, Ill., November 20, 2012: Approximately 1800 students from more than 280 universities around the globe competed in the Capsim Challenge in November, with 12 teams qualifying for the 48-hour, high pressure business simulation playoffs this past weekend.

Coach & QR Codes With Fast-Tip Videos

QR codes are everywhere – on billboards, in newspapers, on bus advertising: even in the Capsim Team Member Guides, linking to fast-tip videos that are also available under Coach in the Capsim spreadsheet.