Understanding Learning Goals and Outcomes

Learning goals can be considered the foundation of your learning outcomes assessment and accreditation efforts. They determine the specific knowledge and skills students are taught in your curriculum. Let’s take a look at some learning goals in order to better

The What, When, Why and How of Program Evaluation

The first step in demonstrating compliance with learning outcomes assessment standards is to self-evaluate your academic program. This self-evaluation allows you to identify strengths and weaknesses, implement evidence-based interventions to improve program and educational quality, and validate the effectiveness of

What is Learning Outcomes Assessment?

Institutions and educators across the globe consistently attempt to meet accreditation requirements. These requirements, set forth by accrediting bodies, ask institutions to demonstrate the continuous improvement of program and educational quality, among other things. Specifically, accrediting bodies ask schools to

Understanding Accreditation
Understanding Accreditation

A student’s decision to enroll in a certain college is dictated by a multitude of factors ranging from location to athletic tradition. One key factor for many students is the institution’s ability to meet student needs regarding the development of

Free eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Learning Outcomes Assessment

What’s in this eBook? Learning outcomes assessment is paramount to organizations like the AACSB, ACBSP, and IACBE, as demonstrated by the standards ingrained in their accreditation requirements. Learn how to successfully meet these standards while transforming your accreditation documentation from merely acceptable to truly excellent. In this free

Assurance of Learning Accreditation
Tackling Accreditation Through Experiential Learning

Experiential learning programs and courses are a fixture of most business schools across the world. There has been an increase in the popularity of such programs because they allow students to learn by doing. Experiential learning opportunities not only enforce

Webinar – From Results to Action: The What, When, and How of Learning Interventions

About the Webinar We’ve collected the outcomes and analyzed the data. We’ve summarized the results and set our comparative benchmarks. We also know that ‘closing the loop’ is the sine qua non of assurance of learning for accreditation — yet,

Webinar – From Results to Reports: Compliance and Beyond

About the Webinar So much effort is spent designing and implementing learning assessment processes that we often feel a great sense of relief when it finally comes time to analyze the outcomes we’ve collected. Unfortunately, this relief frequently fades and