learning outcomes assessment challenges
The 3 Biggest Learning Outcomes Assessment Challenges for Accreditation Managers

The Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) defines accreditation as the “review of quality of higher education institutions and programs.” This review ensures stakeholders – the public, parents and students – that an institution is nurturing student development as promised

Develop teamwork skills
How to leverage feedback in more positive ways

  A Wall Street Journal article highlights changes in how organizations are allowing employees to provide each other with performance feedback.  Dubbed as the “new tools for airing gripes,” these tools allow more direct or in some case more immediate routes

Four Criteria Every Instructional Tool Needs to Promote Meaningful Development

Decades of research on leadership development and performance feedback have identified four criteria that must be met by an instructional tool to successfully promote meaningful development in students. The four criteria are: 1. Assesses Knowing & Doing 2. Fosters Accurate Self-Awareness

Experiential Learning Through Assessments

It’s our responsibility as educators to prepare students for success post-graduation, arming them with the knowledge and skills that translate to career success. However, educational institutions often disregard student developmental needs in favor of institutional goals. As a result, students

Preparing Students for the Future with Experiential Learning

The automation of jobs across disciplines and industries means current and future students must develop a new set of skills to remain competitive within the job market. Even though most educational institutions already struggle with the development of relevant career

6 Solutions to Learning Outcomes Assessment

The documentation stage of the learning outcomes assessment process is critical in demonstrating to accrediting bodies that your program or institution is meeting standards through the implementation of a systematic and operationalized process. The problem lies in the fact that

The Evolution of Assessment

Assessment practices in higher learning institutions are experiencing a period of change and innovation. Historically, assessment programs were meant to foster curricular improvements or to demonstrate accountability for learning goals. These two aspects of the assessment process are now merging

Effective Feedback
8 Tips for Effective Developmental Feedback

Feedback is an important component of professional and personal development. It can reveal individual areas of strength to build upon and weakness in need of improvement. However, not all feedback is good feedback and not all can be used to