Rapunzl Investments & Capsim Team Up to Open Doors to the World of Finance for Students Who Didn’t Know the World Existed

After dropping out of school in fifth grade, Destiny Davis couldn’t have imagined winning a scholarship competition centered around financial literacy. She taught herself for four years before entering high school as a freshman. When she entered a virtual competition

How One Passionate Educator is Using Real-World Experience to Create More Culturally Relevant Learning for Vietnamese Students

“You’re talking about a totally different world,” David Knock said. He has firsthand experience instructing high school and college students in Vietnam with limited learning resources. Educators are at the mercy of their instructional tools. No one knows this better

John Parnell on Crisis Management
CapsimInbox Crisis Management: “An Experience that Can’t be Duplicated.”

We see the news headlines all the time. Companies struggling to deal with devastating social media and PR scandals or other frivolous disasters, like Nike with Zion Williamson’s failed shoe support. Even President Obama stepped in to offer his support

Three Women. Three Time Zones. One Winning Microsimulation.

What’s better than sustaining relevant education in underdeveloped regions and the chance to win $5,000?  When Capsim partnered with GBSN Beyond to create a competition, we knew it would be a race to the finish from the start. We didn’t

GBSN and Capsim Are Teaming Up to Create Culturally-Relevant Microsimulations for the Developing World

The relevancy of educational content is key to effective learning. Unfortunately, many underdeveloped and developing nations don't have access to quality learning materials. That’s why we partnered with the Global Business School Network. The nonprofit organization is already working with

“Higher Education is Stagnant,” Why a Sports Management Program Director Created a Microsimulation Surrounding a Baseball Doping Scandal

We’ve seen it before. Sports teams grappling with sign-stealing scandals, steroid allegations, or point shaving. The costs are immeasurable: losing the loyalty of your biggest supporters. Many times, the cleanup job is messy—too little, too late.  Sports scandals are everywhere.

A 24-Hour Race to the CapsimInbox Finish Line

By Caroline Kurdej I’ve written stories on ultrarunners that compete in 24+ hour races, spanning hundreds, if not thousands of miles. I adopted their determination, grit, and to some extent, borderline insanity, and created a CapsimInbox microsimulation in 24 hours.

How Two Ph.D. Colleagues Contextualized Microeconomics

Many students find themselves in class directing blank stares at professors, wondering: How can I use this formula after graduation? Will I use this degree in real life? Before Dr. Christopher Mann joined academia, he owned a couple of businesses.