CapsimInbox: Intro to Accounting and Business Analytics Now Available in Your Shopping Cart

We’ve been working closely with our educators on fine-tuning our products. After piloting CapsimInbox: Intro to Accounting for feedback purposes, our simulation passed in flying colors.  Now, Intro to Accounting and Business Analytics are available for purchase in your shopping

Business Students Take Winning Lessons from a Tough Year

For the first time, women business students won both of the Capsim Fall Challenge competitions, in tournaments made more difficult both by upheaval in the education environment and added complexity in their simulation scenario. Sisi Ren, of York University in

How to Author a Microsimulation—Even if You Aren’t a Writer

By Caroline Kurdej I loved the student-athlete recruiting experience. So much that I wanted to share what it was like with the whole world. My previous blog posts shared my idea around creating an Inbox microsimulation for prospective college student-athletes,

Finding Your Voice in CapsimInbox

By Brendan Langen, Director of Product Design & Development at Capsim Over the past two years, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with hundreds of experts who want to write their own microsimulation with CapsimInbox. This puts me in a

“Higher Education is Stagnant,” Why a Sports Management Program Director Created a Microsimulation Surrounding a Baseball Doping Scandal

We’ve seen it before. Sports teams grappling with sign-stealing scandals, steroid allegations, or point shaving. The costs are immeasurable: losing the loyalty of your biggest supporters. Many times, the cleanup job is messy—too little, too late.  Sports scandals are everywhere.

How to Design a Microsimulation, Even If You Aren’t An Expert

Engagement in learning is a top challenge facing educators today. Whether you’re an instructor, learning development professional, or manager, even if your content is quality, it’ll fall flat if it’s not delivered in an engaging and relevant way.  One of

Why Student Retention is Still a Problem in Higher Education (And What To Do About It)
Why Student Retention is Still a Problem in Higher Education (And What To Do About It)

Student retention is a long-standing problem costing academic institutions serious money. How much?  Because I’m a journalist, I like to investigate. For the sake of simplicity, let’s focus solely on four-year, private nonprofit institutions.  The average tuition rate is $35,087

A 24-Hour Race to the CapsimInbox Finish Line

By Caroline Kurdej I’ve written stories on ultrarunners that compete in 24+ hour races, spanning hundreds, if not thousands of miles. I adopted their determination, grit, and to some extent, borderline insanity, and created a CapsimInbox microsimulation in 24 hours.