Product Updates: Scheduling Restarts

Hello Capsim users! We have made updates improving scheduled restarts in a handful of our products (Capstone, Foundation, GlobalDNA, CapsimCore, CapsimOps, Capstone 2.0, and CapsimGlobal). 1. Instructors can now schedule their entire course, including restarts, in a straightforward process –

Create even more value for your students with new Capstone Bundles

Capsim is excited to announce an update to the Capstone Course Bundle and introduce a new Strategic Management Bundle. Each bundle adds a textbook and supplemental resources, such as cases, team projects, and test banks, to the Capstone simulation to

CapsimOps: An effective way to bring operations to life

Capsim is excited to introduce CapsimOps™ – a business simulation that focuses on the importance of strategic operational decision-making and enables learners to experience how those decisions permeate across the various departments of an organization.CapsimOps was developed in collaboration with

Taking Your Lesson Plans to the Next Level with CapsimGlobal

Recently, we decided to catch up with Kelly Miller, an Adjunct Professor at Stark College in Ohio who is also teaching high school students at 5 different schools, and ask her some questions regarding her experience using CapsimGlobal at the

Introducing the Capsim® Simulation Platform

Capsim® is excited to announce the release of an updated Capsim Simulation Platform to power our suite of experiential business simulations. The platform incorporates new features to improve the user experience for both students and instructors while creating a flexible

skill needed for career success
Career Skills to Ensure Student Success Beyond the Classroom

Business schools have defined learning objectives around the knowledge and skills students need to develop in the classroom. However, research indicates that hiring organizations struggle to find new graduates who possess the ideal skill set. The Bloomberg Job Skills Report

Capstone 2.0: A Powerful Way to Teach Business Strategy

Capsim is excited to introduce Capstone 2.0 – a powerful, flexible and engaging way to teach business strategy. Capstone 2.0 is an updated and redesigned version of our staple business strategy simulation that incorporates new features to improve the user

Four Criteria Every Instructional Tool Needs to Promote Meaningful Development

Decades of research on leadership development and performance feedback have identified four criteria that must be met by an instructional tool to successfully promote meaningful development in students. The four criteria are: 1. Assesses Knowing & Doing 2. Fosters Accurate Self-Awareness