Free Microsimulation to Help Students Manage Their Time More Effectively

Capsim is excited to offer all instructors free access to use our latest microsimulation, CapsimInbox: Time Management! From now until June 1, 2020, you can create an immersive and fun learning experience to develop your students’ time management skills. Click

skill needed for career success
Career Skills to Ensure Student Success Beyond the Classroom

Business schools have defined learning objectives around the knowledge and skills students need to develop in the classroom. However, research indicates that hiring organizations struggle to find new graduates who possess the ideal skill set. The Bloomberg Job Skills Report

Capsim Spotlight Paul Coleman
How Professor Coleman Uses CapsimInbox at Saint Louis University to Nurture Meaningful Student Development

In the previous Capsim Spotlight, we highlighted the use of CapsimInbox by Anna Parkman, Senior Lecturer at The Ohio State University, to tackle three critical problems in higher education. If you would like to revisit Anna Parkman’s spotlight, you can

Improving High School Students’ College and Career Readiness

Soft skills, or the personal qualities and attributes that help students succeed in the classroom and workplace, are crucial in students’ college and career readiness. These skills include communication, teamwork, problem solving and responsibility. According to research conducted by CareerBuilder,

Preparing Students for the Future with Experiential Learning

The automation of jobs across disciplines and industries means current and future students must develop a new set of skills to remain competitive within the job market. Even though most educational institutions already struggle with the development of relevant career

10 Tips for Teaching Ethics

The effectiveness of business schools in developing ethical leaders is being scrutinized as a result of recent scandals such as Martin Shkreli, a pharma CEO, raising the price of a lifesaving drug by 5000% and Uber intentionally hiding a massive

5 Methods to Bring Ethics Into the Classroom

It’s becoming increasingly important for institutions of higher education to address ethics in their curriculum. The importance of teaching ethics to student success is directly tied to the following two aspects: employability and promotability. Simply put, students lacking ethical decision-making

4 Reasons Why Teaching Ethics is Important

Ethical scandals, such as the financial collapse of 2008, have redefined the importance of business ethics in higher education. Institutions across the globe are emphasizing ethics through the various learning goals involving ethical decision-making and social responsibility. However, the increased