How a Small-Town Girl Uncovered the Common Thread Between Farming and Experiential Learning

Anna Lennox is a few days away from walking across the virtual stage with a BA in French and business and a minor in Human Resources Management from University of Waterloo. After reflecting on her time at Waterloo, Anna can’t

She Can and She Will: How a Sophomore High School Student REACH(es) for Success

By Caroline Kurdej “Can you interview me for your blog?” Jackie asked. For my master thesis at Northwestern, I wrote stories on Olympians who were adapting their training and postponing their lives for another year. Tokyo 2020 dreams are on

Changing, Adapting, and Recruiting During a Pandemic: How a Star Swimmer is Making a Splash in the Pool and in the Classroom

By Caroline Kurdej Educators have had their fair share of challenges in adapting their teaching methods to engage students. And so have students adapted their learning–and training–methods this past year. Student-athletes, like Madi Dohrn. The junior from Schaumburg High School

Capstone Simulation Prepares a DePaul University Honors Accountancy Student for Success after Graduation

For a while, all was well. Team Andrews spent hours together on Zoom bonding, sweating, and stressing over Professor LiVigni’s strategic management course. What the team failed to prepare for, however, was the dreaded emergency loan. Capstone 2.0 is an

Can Inbox Microsimulations Actually Parallel the Real-World? See What One Engineer Has to Say.

After earning a Bachelor’s degree in engineering from the University of Michigan, Mitchell Tvorik knew a world beyond engineering awaited. Spending countless hours drawing up ventilation system plans and creating improved prototype nutrunner tools wasn’t the future he envisioned. He

How Simulation-Based Learning Prepared this Financial Analyst for Success

Over half of the students who graduate from undergraduate programs wind up with jobs unrelated to their field of study. More than ever, it’s critical that academic institutions focus on developing the skills students need for career success.  Former students