Dr. Christopher Harben holding and speaking into a microphone
Capsim Instructor Leads 2-Week Intensive Seminar to Develop Ghana’s Future Leaders

On August 5-16, 2019, Dr. Christopher Harben, Assistant Teaching Professor of Management at Penn State University, partnered with The Palm Institute to deliver a 2-week intensive course on business strategy. The unique seminar was designed to provide future African leaders

Taking Your Lesson Plans to the Next Level with CapsimGlobal

Recently, we decided to catch up with Kelly Miller, an Adjunct Professor at Stark College in Ohio who is also teaching high school students at 5 different schools, and ask her some questions regarding her experience using CapsimGlobal at the

Bridging the Knowing-Doing Gap with Capstone®

Four MBA students from Suffolk University recently participated in a global Capstone® competition where they bested 683 teams from business schools around the world. As part of their online “World Class Strategies” course, the students oversaw a $100 million simulated

Capsim - Develop Leadership Skills
Webster University Uses Capsim® Business Simulation to Deliver Corporate Seminar

Webster University recently welcomed 30 corporate leaders for a two-day Capsim® Business Strategy Seminar. The event, organized by the George Herbert Walker School of Business and Technology and the Office of Advancement, modified the Capsim Business Simulation experience to help

Capsim Spotlight Paul Coleman
How Professor Coleman Uses CapsimInbox at Saint Louis University to Nurture Meaningful Student Development

In the previous Capsim Spotlight, we highlighted the use of CapsimInbox by Anna Parkman, Senior Lecturer at The Ohio State University, to tackle three critical problems in higher education. If you would like to revisit Anna Parkman’s spotlight, you can

How Dr. Parkman Uses CapsimInbox at OSU to Tackle 3 Critical Problems in Higher Education

Recently, we had the opportunity to interview Anna Parkman, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics at The Ohio State University, to gather her thoughts and experience with the implementation of CapsimInbox, a simulation-based soft skills

How Are Schools Using Experiential Learning?

Experiential learning, or learning through experience, is a hot topic in the education industry due to its effectiveness in preparing students for the challenges that come post-graduation. This instructional method allows students to develop the knowledge and skills that improve

Universidad Tecnologica el Retono
Capsim Spotlight: Universidad Tecnológica del Retoño

The Rundown Horacio Fenton and Oscar Figueroa of IDEMESIS, Capsim’s official partner in Mexico, trained four professors at the Universidad Tecnológica del Retoño this past month. A total of 71 graduating students in the 2-year undergraduate program, Técnico Superior Universitario