Webinar: Developing Essential Soft Skills in Our Students

About the Webinar Get a first look at CapsimInbox and learn about the various ways it can be used. In brief, CapsimInbox is a simulation-based behavioral assessment that is self-directed and delivered online. It is designed to assess key skills

Webinar: How Do You Link HR Metrics to Business Strategy and Outcomes?

About the Webinar Review recent thought leaders’ opinions on HR & L&D’s impact on the business, learn how to create a competitive advantage through HR and L&D, examine linking HR metrics to impacting business results, and get ideas for measuring

Webinar: Focus Learning Across All Business Disciplines with CapsimCore

About the Webinar Capsim developed a new simulation to provide students the opportunity to put theory into practice earlier in their business school career. CapsimCore provides the flexibility to automate departmental decisions, allowing professors to focus student decision making to

Webinar – From Results to Action: The What, When, and How of Learning Interventions

About the Webinar We’ve collected the outcomes and analyzed the data. We’ve summarized the results and set our comparative benchmarks. We also know that ‘closing the loop’ is the sine qua non of assurance of learning for accreditation — yet,

Webinar – From Results to Reports: Compliance and Beyond

About the Webinar So much effort is spent designing and implementing learning assessment processes that we often feel a great sense of relief when it finally comes time to analyze the outcomes we’ve collected. Unfortunately, this relief frequently fades and

Webinar: Developing Leadership Awareness Through Experiential Learning

About the Webinar If you’ve never heard of leadership awareness, it is imperative to learn how developing this awareness will help your leaders develop themselves, interact more effectively on teams, and better align cross-functional business decisions. Watch the Webinar

Webinar: What does the C-Suite really want from HR and L&D?

About the Webinar Joe LiVigni MSTD discusses the collaborative process of three different learning and development programs. Joe will touch on how to structure your program and integrate simulations to achieve your company’s learning goals. Watch the Webinar

Webinar: Tips for Effective Assessment Documentation

About the Webinar The countless hours you’ve invested in designing a solid assessment process are finally paying off. The data are rolling in even better than you had hoped. All of the sudden an unsettling question pops into mind –