Webinar: A Crash Course in Program Evaluation

About the Webinar Ask yourself a simple question. Have you ever taken a course on program evaluation? If you answered no, you are not alone. In fact, the vast majority of those responsible for learning assessment and accreditation have never

Webinar: Achieving Diverse Learning Goals Through Simulation-Based Programs

About the Webinar See how DigitalGlobe improved team performance and business results with Capsim’s Leadership Development Program. Watch the Webinar

Webinar: An Introduction to CapsimCore

About the Webinar Brendan Langen, Capsim’s Senior Product Manager, gives an inside look at our new simulation, CapsimCore — designed to make business learning engaging and fun at any level. He’ll discuss some of its exciting features and how you

Webinar – From Talk to Action: How to Leverage Feedback for Leadership Development

About the Webinar Nearly every business school program purports to “develop future leaders.” Yet, the most effective tools to develop leadership skills are very rarely used, beyond a handful of super-resourced elite programs. One striking example is the scarcity of

Webinar – Getting More out of Group Projects: Turning Team-Based Projects into Effective Learning & Assessment Experiences

About the Webinar Team projects are ubiquitous in today’s colleges and universities. The good news is that there is substantial value in requiring these group-based projects. Teams make virtually all of the important decisions in contemporary organizations and ample research

Webinar – Getting the Best of Both Worlds: Integrating Strategic Management 3e with the Capstone Simulation

About the Webinar Learn how Strategic Management 3e author, Frank T. Rothaermel bridges the knowing-doing gap by integrating Capsim’s Capstone simulation into his courses. Dr. Rothaermel outlines how he effectively connects the acquired knowledge gained from his texbook with its

Webinar: We know They Know It, but Can They Do It?

About the Webinar Business schools are highly adept at facilitating, testing and documenting the acquisition of functional knowledge. Yet, the success of our graduates hinges on their capabilities to not only know about business, but to apply this knowledge. Unfortunately,

Webinar: Hard Measures for Soft Skill Learning Goals

About the Webinar Virtually every school has a learning goal related to interpersonal or leadership skills. Yet, schools routinely struggle with how to measure these important goals. When schools do operationalize these goals, it’s usually with less than robust measures