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Building regionally-relevant microsimulations to drive meaningful business education in the developing world.

How it works.

Register your team.

Complete the registration form by clicking the button below. We encourage teams of 2-3 members to help break up the work.

Registration ends September 30, 2020

Registration Closed

Submit your concept.

Complete the concept form by clicking the button below. We will review all concepts to ensure alignment and viability.

Concept forms are due September 30, 2020.

Build your microsim.

Start building out your concept in the CapsimInbox Authoring Platform. Complete our certification course to hone your skills.

Microsims are due November 2, 2020.

GBSN Member-Created Versions

Winners will be announced on November 13th at the GBSN Beyond Conference. To play a version, click the 'Play Now' button, create an account, and log in.

Ethics in International Mining

Role: Project Manager at a mining firm

Location: Ghana

Skills: Leadership, Ethical Decision-making, Problem Solving, Communication

Mercurtrade Cobalt

Role: Head of Sustainability and Responsible Sourcing at a commodity trading company

Location: Democratic Republic of the Congo

Skills: Decision-Making, Leadership, Strategic Communication

Aeonton Pharmaceuticals

Role: Business Development Manager at a pharmaceutical company

Location: Ghana

Skills: Communication, Global Strategy, Problem-Solving, Decision-Making, Data Analysis

Maquila Inc.

Role: Production Manager at a factory

Location: Honduras

Skills: Communication, Leadership, Corporate Social Responsibility, Ethical Decision-Making

DP Apparels

Role: Product Manager at a garment manufacturing company

Location: India

Skills: Initiative, Decision-Making, Corporate Social Responsibility, Problem-Solving

Production Management

Role: Production Manager at a mineral water brand

Location: Pakistan

Skills: Controlling, Leading, Coordination, Planning


Grand Prize: $5,000

The winning team receives $5,000 and recognition as a CapsimInbox author with the opportunity to bring their simulation to market and earn royalties.

Participation Prize:

In addition to developing the timely skills of building meaningful, online teaching tools, each team that completes their version will have the opportunity to work with Capsim to bring their version to market and earn royalties. 

What is CapsimInbox?

CapsimInbox is an inbox microsimulation platform that simulates an email environment where learners face real-world scenarios.

Participants are assessed on the effectiveness of their decision-making as they gather information and navigate various relevant situations.

What is the faculty simulation lab?

The faculty simulation lab gives educators that chance to turn experiences, research, concepts, and cases into dynamic, real-world learning experiences in a contextualized environment. Think of them as interactive cases that put learners in the driver’s seat.

For GBSN Beyond, each microsimulation helps drive GBSN’s mission: to improve access to quality, locally-relevant management education for the developing world.

We’ve created a few templates as optional jumping-off points.

Screenshot of CapsimInbox with an enlarged image of an email

Frequently Asked Questions

Faculty have the opportunity to participate as individuals or teams of up to 3 including instructional designers, research assistants, and/or PhD students (no more than 3 members). Faculty teams are encouraged to diversify in areas of expertise, universities/schools, and geographic regions.

Registration is now closed.

To ensure each version is aligned with GBSN’s mission and viable to create, we require each participant to submit their concept by September 30, 2020.

To view and complete the form, click here.

Please submit your concept form to with GBSN Beyond Concept in as the subject.

Capsim is available to review concepts or aid in the use of the authoring platform.

To receive guidance, please email with any questions or book a time to chat by clicking here.

We recommend your microsimulations to take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

As a rule of thumb, we suggest having between 20-30 messages (no more than 40) and 3-5 skills.

All created solutions will be provided to GBSN Beyond attendees to be evaluated as well as by Capsim and GBSN’s leadership. This analysis will be conducted via the judging criteria below and will be utilized to select the first, second, and third place winners of the competition.

Judging criteria:

  • Relevance to Topic – How well did the version relate to the subject area selected?
  • Practicality (Realism) – Did the version create a realistic, high fidelity experience?
  • Clarity – Was the version experience clear and concise in that the time investment was relative to the value of the participant?
  • Versatility – Does the version have broad use in academia globally?
  • Engagement – Was the version creative and fun to experience?

Winners will be announced shortly after the GBSN Beyond Conference. Stay tuned for more information.

While Capsim and GBSN have provided the required deadlines, we strongly suggest all teams start building as soon as possible in order to meet these recommended deadlines below.

  • Aug. 31 – Submit concept form
  • Sept. 14 – Complete scenario, characters, and skills
  • Oct. 19 – Complete content (emails, instant messages etc.)
  • Nov. 2 – Final submission

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