Create learning experiences authentic to the workplace.

A free, user-friendly platform to build simulated email environments that bring real-world scenarios to life and assess the career skills that matter most.


Bring real-world scenarios to life.

Turn your ideas and expertise into a simulated learning environment with real-world decision-making. Easily create the scenario and write emails, instant messages, and documents to bring your story to life.

Dr. Robert Portnoy created an inbox simulation to expose learners to the scenarios he faced as an HR Professional. Watch Dr. Portnoy share his story.


Measure the skills that matter most.

Measure the essential career skills learners need to succeed. Determine the skills you want to measure and assign skill impact scores to responses. Our platform measures individual skill proficiency as a percentile for an objective rating.

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Learn about the conceptual approach, development procedures, and testing initiatives to create a valid and reliable assessment.


Foster self-awareness & growth.

Help learners uncover areas of weakness and provide the individualized and actionable feedback needed to grow:

  • Self-assessment – each participant rates their perceived skill levels prior to the simulation experience.
  • Skill-gap analysis – each participant’s self-assessment is compared to their actual performance.
  • Developmental tactics – insights to improve each skill being assessed.
  • Individual development plan – guides participants through the creation of SMART goals and actionable next steps.


Here are some of the topics our authors have brought to life: Cultural Awareness, Microeconomics, Escape Room, Business Law, Managerial Accounting, Sports Management, Crisis Management, Data Analytics: Forensic Accounting, Ethical Decision-Making, and more!

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Here’s what the judges had to say:


Meet the Author: CapsimInbox Human Resources

Role: Participants are Vice President of HR at an aerospace company.

Skills Measured: Performance Management, Compensation & Benefits, Ethics & Compliance, Talent Acquisition & Development, Labor Relations & Safety.

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Read the full story of how Dr. Robert Portnoy brought Human Resources to life with CapsimInbox.

Play a 5-minute demo version of Dr. Portnoy’s microsimulation, CapsimInbox: Human Resources.