Inbox Simulation

Microlearning Challenge

Take on the challenge of building an immersive and realistic microlearning inbox simulation to address an existing business need and earn the chance to win $500.

(Oh, and get a $25 gift card and free inbox simulation licenses just for participating!)

If you can write an email, you can build an inbox sim... So what are you waiting for?

What is the Microlearning Challenge?

Capsim's global competition, Microlearning Challenge, calls on learning professionals around the world to create an immersive microlearning inbox simulation that addresses an existing business need. Create a 3-5 minute experience for learners to apply a key concept or topic to an authentic, on-the-job scenario.

If you want to learn more, make sure to watch the kickoff video above.


  • The competition begins on April 7th at 12 PM CDT. You'll have the remainder of the month to register, build, and submit your microlearning inbox simulation.
  • Submissions must be made by April 30th at 11:59 PM CDT.
  • Winners will be announced on May 15th at 12 PM CDT.

What's an inbox simulation?

An inbox simulation is a simulation-based assessment that uses the familiarity and flexibility of email to reinforce learning and evaluate critical business skills in a real-world environment.

Our no-code authoring tool gives you an intuitive and easy way to turn real scenarios and situations into immersive inbox simulations.

What if I can't think of a business need?

If you can't think of a business application for an inbox simulation, we encourage you to recreate a situation where you learned an important lesson in your own career.

How do I register?

Before participating in the Microlearning Challenge, please read the Official Rules. You can register after registration opens and before the submission deadline. You can tell whether registration is open by checking the Schedule.

How can I confirm that I am registered?

You will receive an email confirmation from after you register for the contest.

What are the requirements for my submission?

See 'Submission Guidelines' of the Official Rules.

What are the judging criteria?

See 'Judging Criteria' of the Official Rules.

How is the winner determined?

The submission with the highest score will be selected as the winner. In the event of a tie, the Founder and CEO of Capsim will be reviewing the versions and casting the deciding vote.

Submission Guidelines:

All submissions must contain a minimum of 5 emails that contain the following:

  • An introduction to the role
  • Diverging storyline composed of at least 3 emails
  • A wrap-up email that debriefs the participant and describes the relationship between the story and the skill.

All submissions must contain a minimum of 1 skill and 1 key character.

Only submissions received on or before April 30th will be eligible.

The author must complete the post-submission survey in its entirety.

Multiple submissions are allowed, however, only one prize will be distributed per author (and the author must complete a submission form for each version).

Participants may work individually or as a team to build and submit an inbox simulation. However, each team is only eligible for one prize.

Judging Criteria

On a scale of 1 to 5, Judges will rate each submission on each of the following criteria:

Practicality and Engagement
  • Did the version create a realistic, high-fidelity experience?
  • Was the version creative and fun to experience?
  • Was the flow of the experience clear and concise?
  • Was it easy to understand what was going on?
  • Was it clear what was being assessed?
  • Did the version take full advantage of the functionality of the Inbox Authoring Platform?
Overall Experience
  • What level of effort did the author put into creating this inbox?
  • How would the overall quality of the inbox be rated?

 *In the event of a tie, the Founder and CEO of Capsim will be reviewing the versions and casting the deciding vote.


Grand Prize:

  • $500
  • Unlimited usage of created inbox simulation until September 1, 2022
  • Featured article distributed on our blog, social channels, and newsletter.

All Valid Submissions:

  • $25 Gift Card
  • Unlimited usage of created inbox simulation until September 1, 2022

 *To be eligible for prizes, submissions must meet the submission guidelines and participants must complete the post-submission survey with accurate information.


Capsim Management Simulations, Inc. reserves the right to utilize any and all content submitted on behalf of this competition in perpetuity. This disclaimer applies solely to competition submissions, all other versions or content created within the Authoring Platform remain the intellectual property of the author.
Template & Sample Submission

Streamline the building process

Once logged into your authoring tool account, you'll have access to a prompt-based template containing all of the required elements and structure needed for a valid submission. Use it as a jumping-off point or as a reference as you build your own.

Need some additional inspiration? Check out our Microlearning Challenge sample submission: Customer Service, Cookie Tool.

How to Get Started


To get started, register for the challenge by clicking the button below.


Create your Inbox Authoring Tool account and start building.


When you're done, submit your inbox simulation by completing the form below.

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