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Find & Fix Your Skills Gaps with Inbox Simulations

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While the value of a highly-skilled workforce is undeniable, only 25% of executives believe training measurably improves business performance.

CapsimInbox is a sim-based assessment platform that uses the familiarity and flexibility of email to help you:

  • pinpoint skills gaps,
  • drive learning transfer,
  • and measure training impact.

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Pinpoint Skills Gaps

You can't improve what you can't measure. If you want your training to have an impact, you need to have an accurate understanding of your employees' skills so you can invest your resources wisely.

Inbox simulations objectively assess the skills that matter most and are validated as one of the best predictors of job performance because they:

  • Mirror the real-world environment
  • Provide authentic, role-specific experiences
  • Evaluate specific skills at the task level

Drive Learning Transfer

Training is only impactful if it results in improved job performance. Unfortunately, relying on knowledge-based training results in just 19% of knowledge gained being applied on the job.

Inbox simulations provide context-rich experiences where learners can apply what they learn in an immersive and safe environment customized to mirror a day-on-the-job at your company.

Measure Training Impact

If you want to increase training ROI, you need to understand what's working and what's not working. While it's easy to measure growth in technical skills, soft skills are much more intangible.

"It's the ultimate validation of your training efforts to be able to say ‘here's where we were, and here's where we are now’. Most training is technical, so it's easy to see that change. CapsimInbox lets us see it, even when the results aren't technical and in your face."

— Jim Chismar, Team Manager in M365 FastTrack Center


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