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Become a Capsim Business Partner to deliver experiential training programs in any learning environment.

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Expand Your Toolbox

Get the tools to deliver the hands-on, immersive, and relevant learning experiences that your current and future clients crave.


Elevate Your Instruction

Our experiential learning solutions give you a powerful vehicle to deliver your knowledge and expertise to drive deeper learning.



Improve Learning

Only 19% of knowledge is applied on the job. Give your learners a realistic and risk-free environment to test ideas and apply knowledge.


Upgrade the learning experience.

Our solutions give you the tools to create engaging learning environments where
participants can safely practice and develop the skills they need for career success.


Business Simulations

Robust experiences that challenge learners to run a company by making cross-functional and strategic decisions.

CapsimInbox Interface

Inbox Simulations

A quick and easy way to simulate day-in-the-life experience while measuring essential skills in a familiar email environment.


Online Assessments

Interactive exams that simplify learning outcomes assessment initiatives and streamline reporting for accreditation.

Take your training to the next level.

Today’s corporations and young professionals are looking for innovative ways to address their professional development requirements.

They want something that is immersive, engaging, scalable, easily deliverable, cost-effective, and that can be tailored to their specific needs.

CapsimInbox is all that.


David Knock
Director and Lead Facilitator @ EDCentral

Streamline Program Development & Delivery

In addition to affordable license fees, our Business Partner Program provides resources to help you get up and running in no time.

Agendas & logistics

Marketing materials

Decks & guides

Unlimited Support

Online training

Branding resources

Take Your Training to the Next Level

Become a Capsim Business Partner today to deliver experiential training programs that give learners the skills they need to succeed.