Business Simulations

Unforgettable Business Learning

Bring business learning to life by giving learners an immersive, risk-free environment to run a multi-million dollar company in a competitive and dynamic market.


Business Simulations

Immerse learners in a risk-free environment where they operate and grow a multi-million dollar company in a dynamic and competitive market by making strategic, cross-functional business decisions. 


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Bring business learning to life.

Our business simulations place individuals in the role of executive management at a multi-million dollar company, competing directly against other real or simulated teams to grab market share and grow their business.

1. Analyze

Participants begin by analyzing the industry, the markets and their competition by reading reports.


2. Formulate

Participants use the information gathered to formulate a business strategy to grow their business.


3. Execute

Participants execute key decisions across the four major functions: R&D, Marketing, Production and Finance.



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Our suite of business simulations create comprehensive learning environments across the entire business curriculum.


Complexity: Beginner

Market Segments: 2

Products: 1 – 4

International Market: No

Scoring Method: 5-star, Success Measures

Ideal Courses: Entry-level Business


Complexity: Intermediate

Market Segments: 2

Products: 1 – 4

International Market: Yes

Scoring Method: Balanced Scorecard

Ideal Courses: International Business


Complexity: Advanced

Market Segments: 5

Products: 5 – 8

International Market: No

Scoring Method: Balanced Scorecard

Ideal Courses: Capstone & Strategic Management


Complexity: Advanced

Market Segments: 2

Products: 1 – 4

International Market: No

Scoring Method: 5-star

Ideal Courses: Operations & Supply Chain Management

Participant Experience

Streamlined Onboarding

Gets participants ready to make informed business decisions in as little as 45 minutes.


Integrated Chat

Participants communicate with teammates directly in the simulation interface.


Real-time Alerts

Keep participants from making critical errors and falling into common pitfalls.



Provides participants with the immediate impact of their decisions.

Instructor Experience

Automated Debriefs

Highlight critical information from every round to guide future decision-making.


Integrated Gradebook

Provides easy access to individual participant results to capitalize on learning opportunities.


LMS Integration

Streamlines administration and boosts productivity with Single Sign-On (SSO).


User-centered Design

Ensures accessibility standards are met to answer the learning needs of every participant

All-in-one Textbook Bundles

Each bundle contains a simulation, textbook, and supplemental materials — everything you need to create an effective and engaging learning environment at an affordable price.


Personalize the learning experience.


Integrate custom modules containing key decisions and corresponding impacts to tailor the simulation experience around the themes, topics, and objectives that matter most to you.

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