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Our web-based business simulations provide an immersive, real-world, and risk-free environment for learners to put theory into practice.


Business Simulations

Immerse learners in a risk-free environment where they operate and grow a multi-million dollar company in a dynamic and competitive market by making strategic, cross-functional business decisions. 


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Create Meaningful Learning Experiences with Business Simulations


Boost Engagement

Immerse learners in an interactive and competitive environment where they can apply concepts to real-world situations.

Deepen Learning

Give learners a safe, immersive, and real-world environment to apply knowledge, interrelate ideas, and learn from failure.
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Real-World Transfer

Learners hone their skills in an authentic context so they can apply what they learn to future experiences in the real world.


Bring Business Learning to Life

Business simulations help learners develop the skills needed to make effective business decisions while considering market conditions, competitive intelligence, cross-functional impacts, and the company's financial health.

1. Analyze

Participants use several reports to analyze market trends, competing products, customer buying patterns, and key financial metrics.


2. Formulate

Participants use their analysis to formulate a strategy to win market share and beat the competition.


3. Execute

Participants execute their strategy by making key decisions across the functional areas of a business: R&D, Marketing, Production, and Finance.



Discover the simulation that's right for you.


Our suite of business simulations create comprehensive learning environments across the entire business curriculum.


Complexity: Beginner

Market Segments: 2

Products: 1 – 4

International Market: No

Scoring Method: 5-star, Success Measures

Ideal Courses: Entry-level Business


Complexity: Intermediate

Market Segments: 2

Products: 1 – 4

International Market: Yes

Scoring Method: Balanced Scorecard

Ideal Courses: International Business


Complexity: Advanced

Market Segments: 5

Products: 5 – 8

International Market: No

Scoring Method: Balanced Scorecard

Ideal Courses: Capstone & Strategic Management


Complexity: Advanced

Market Segments: 2

Products: 1 – 4

International Market: No

Scoring Method: 5-star

Ideal Courses: Operations & Supply Chain Management


Tailor the simulation to fit your instruction

Flexible Scoring

Instructors have the option to choose between two distinct scoring methods.

1. Star Scoring

Evaluate participants across five key metrics:

  • Sales
  • Profit
  • Stock Price
  • Contribution Margin
  • Emergency Loan

Participants must have improved performance over the previous round to earn a star for any metric. This provides learners with more leniency and focuses on sustainable improvement over time.

2. Success Measures

A flexible and comprehensive way to score participant performance using up to eight key business metrics:

  • Profit
  • ROS
  • ROE
  • ROA
  • Market Share
  • Stock Price
  • Asset Turnover
  • Market Capitalization

Instructors are able to select the specific soring metrics that best fit their course, individually weight those metrics per industry or per team, calculate metrics as a cumulative/average/ending score, and let participants select their own weights to align with their chosen strategy.

Simulation Parameters

Simulation Parameters allow instructors to tweak the scenario that learners encounter. This is a great option to challenge students or mirror the economic impacts happening in the real world.

Standard - There are no surprises in the economic forecast with each segment growing at a constant rate. 

Growth - Similar to the Standard Scenario, but with variation in the growth rates. Over eight rounds segments will grow to the same size as the Standard Scenario, but the year-to-year growth rate will vary. This reflects the uncertainty of real-world markets.

Recession - The Recession Scenario starts off similar to the Growth Scenario, with varying growth rates.  However, in Round five of the simulation, the economy collapses followed by a stagnant round and a two-round recovery

Additionally, administrators can customize the scenario further by making adjustments to:

  • Ideal Product Positioning Per Segment
  • Prime Interest Rates Per Round
  • Market Segment Growth Rates Per Round
Automated Departments

Policy Decisions let you ease the complexity of the learning experience or focus your instruction where it matters most. By turning policy decisions on for a department, all decisions are condensed into one high-level decision per round.

Automated Decisions

Custom Decisions

Our Module Builder allows you to create new decisions and the associated business impacts. This provides a powerful way to customize the experience around the themes, topics, and objectives that matter most to you.

LMS Integration

Integrating our simulation directly with your organization's learning management system allows you to streamline several administrative tasks:

  • Single Sign-On lets your learners access our simulations directly from within your LMS removing the need for unique login credentials and ensuring students always access the correct section.
  • Gradebook Synchronization allows all scoring and group information to automatically flow between our simulations and your gradebook within your LMS.

Some of the popular LMS platforms we integrate with:

  • Canvas
  • Blackboard
  • Sakai
  • Brightspace
  • Moodle
  • Schoology

Streamline the learning experience

Integrated Chat

CapsimChat allows students to communicate with teammates directly in the simulation interface. Users can quickly send updates to their entire team or message teammates individually.

Functionality includes:

  • Instant messaging
  • Audio chats
  • Video chats
  • Screen sharing
  • Virtual whiteboard
  • Collaborative documents


Real-time Alerts

Our Real-time Alerts provide instant feedback and assistance to eliminate basic simulation mistakes that detract from business learning and improve learner confidence.

CapsimCore Real-Time Alert


Auto-recalculation displays the cross-functional impacts of decisions in real-time, helping learners quickly recognize the effectiveness of their decision-making.


Multi-level Onboarding

A tiered, multi-level onboarding experience eases learners into developing a sound understanding of the simulation mechanics and gets them ready to make informed business decisions in as little as 45 minutes.


Automated Debriefs

At the end of each round, administrators are provided with an automated debrief report highlighting key insights into the performance of each company. Use it to inform your instruction, or allow students to access the report directly within the simulation.


Streamline your instruction with textbook bundles

Each bundle contains a simulation, textbook, and supplemental materials — everything you need to create an effective and engaging learning environment at an affordable price.


Discover the Business Simulation That's Right for You

CapsimCore CapsimGlobal CapsimOps Capstone
Lower pricing available with limited features
$53.99 $53.99 $53.99
Typical Course Intro to Business International Business Operations Management Strategic Management
Starting Products 1 1 1 5
Maximum Products 4 4 4 8
Market Segments 2 2 2 5
Regions 1 3 1 1
Decisions R&D, Marketing, Production, Finance

(Optional): HR, TQM
R&D, Marketing, Production, Finance

(Optional): HR, TQM
R&D, Marketing, Production, Finance, Advanced Operations

(Optional): HR
R&D, Marketing, Production, Finance

(Optional): HR, TQM
Maximum Teams 10 10 10 10
Team Chat
LMS Integration
Simulation Parameters
Multi-Level Onboarding
Custom/Additional Modules
Real-Time Alerts
Automated Debreifs
Policy Decisions Finance Only
Quiz Builder
Scoring Star, Success Measures Balanced Scorecard, Success Measures Star, Success Measures Balanced Scorecard, Success Measures
Available Bundle Included: Intro to Business: A Primer Companion Text by Capsim $24 Extra: Strategic Management by Page West $24 Extra: Strategic Management by Page West
$24 Extra: Comprehensive Business Review by Capsim
$46 Extra: Strategic Management by Frank Rothaermel
Participant Experience

Streamlined Onboarding

Gets participants ready to make informed business decisions in as little as 45 minutes.


Integrated Chat

Participants communicate with teammates directly in the simulation interface.


Real-time Alerts

Keep participants from making critical errors and falling into common pitfalls.



Provides participants with the immediate impact of their decisions.

Instructor Experience

Automated Debriefs

Highlight critical information from every round to guide future decision-making.


Integrated Gradebook

Provides easy access to individual participant results to capitalize on learning opportunities.


LMS Integration

Streamlines administration and boosts productivity with Single Sign-On (SSO).


User-centered Design

Ensures accessibility standards are met to answer the learning needs of every participant

Streamline Your Instruction with Textbook Bundles

Each bundle contains a simulation, textbook, and supplemental materials — everything you need to create an effective and engaging learning environment at an affordable price.


Personalize the learning experience.


Integrate custom modules containing key decisions and corresponding impacts to tailor the simulation experience around the themes, topics, and objectives that matter most to you.

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