Sim-based Training & Assessment

Accelerate Skill Development

Fast-track the growth of your most valuable asset: your people. Capsim's simulation-powered platforms give L&D teams a flexible toolkit to assess and develop the skills that matter most—wherever work happens. 



The platforms fueling today’s high-impact business learning experiences
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Skills Assessment Platform

Find and Fix the Skills Gaps that Matter

What gets measured gets managed. Inbox simulations offer a versatile and immersive way to measure the hard-to-measure skills in a context that matters. Easily customize inbox simulations to mirror a day-on-the-job at your company and gain objective insights to fuel your data-driven learning strategy.

Popular Use Cases:

  • Pinpoint Soft Skills Gaps
  • Create Custom Role-Based Training
  • Measure Training Impact

Leadership Accelerator

Turn Technical Talent into Strategic Leaders

Sound decision-making requires the ability to break away from siloed thinking and see the big picture. Our simulation-powered Leadership Accelerator gives your future leaders an immersive and competitive experience to level-up their strategic thinking, business acumen, and financial literacy.

Popular Use Cases:

  • Emerging Leader Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Executive Education
Landing Business Simulations – Capstone

What Our Clients Are Saying

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It's the ultimate validation of your training efforts to be able to say "here's where we were, and here's where we are now". Most training is technical, so it's easy to see that change. CapsimInbox lets us see it, even when the results aren't technical and in your face.

Jim Chismar PMP

Team Manager M365 FastTrack Center—Microsoft

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A major hurdle we were facing was dealing with the different time zones. Capsim managed this very well. They didn’t just give us a tool, they supported it. I even saw the Capsim team waking up at 3 AM to ensure a smooth experience.

Juan Parreno

Operational Excellence Manager—Merck

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Finance for non-finance folks can be a disaster. The Capsim simulation workshop kept everyone engaged from start to finish and gave them a strong foundation in finance that ties back directly to Eli Lilly.

Jarlath O'Malley

Associate Vice President, Manufacturing Finance—Eli Lilly