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Assess the business knowledge and skills your learners need for career success.



Measure learning outcomes across the business curriculum and streamline reporting for accreditation.​

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Capsim assessments answer the needs of both instructors and accreditation managers to create a standardized and streamlined process for learning outcomes assessment.


A cumulative exam to measure the application of subject knowledge and evaluate course effectiveness.

Subject Areas: Operations, Finance, Statistics, Accounting, Marketing, Management, Economics, Business Law, Information Systems.


Popular Features

  • Add and remove questions
  • Unique exam for each participant

A comprehensive simulation-based exam to determine business aptitude and measure program learning outcomes.

Subject Areas: Strategy, Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, Operations, Marketing, +Optional Competencies.


Popular Features

  • Comparative data
  • Custom learning outcomes reports

A microsimulation-based exam to measure key technical and behavioral skills that impact career success.

Competencies: Soft Skills and Hard Skills



Popular Features

  • Self-assessment included
  • Individual Development Plan (IDP)

An online peer review tool to measure individual and team performance as well as drive development of teamwork skills.

Competencies: Accountability, Work Quality, Work Quantity, Confidence, Cooperation, Coordination, Cohesion, Conflict, Preparation, Execution, Monitoring, Adjustment.


Popular Features

  • Create assessment questions
  • Control team assignments

A multisource survey to measure managerial skills, deliver feedback for professional growth and compile data for accreditation.

Competencies: Administrative, Interpersonal, Communication, Leadership, Motivational, Ethical, Service, Citizenship, Technical.


Popular Features

  • Complete in as little as 15 minutes
  • Create additional skill domains

Business Cultural Intelligence Quotient (BCIQ) is a quick and reliable way to assess cross-cultural competencies and provide immediate feedback to learners. 

Competencies: Motivation, Listening and Communicative Adaptation, Global Knowledge, Cognitive Preparation and Learning Behavior


Popular Features

  • Individual Development Plan Builder
  • Complete in as little as 15 minutes