Build immersive learning simulations. Code-free.

If you can write an email, you can quickly build a day-in-the-life inbox simulation to engage, evaluate and develop your learners in a real-world environment.

Trusted at companies large and small.


Build intuitively with email

CapsimInbox's familiar email interface makes building an immersive inbox simulation feel second nature. Gain inspiration from real work situations and recreate them with emails, instant messages, documents, and more.

Elevate & accelerate learning

Turn any topic or subject area into a practical, hands-on experience where employees can apply knowledge to authentic situations in a risk-free environment--anywhere, anytime

Evaluate the skills that matter

CapsimInbox gives you a vehicle to uncover critical skill gaps by meaningfully assessing behavioral skills like leading, problem-solving, and communication.

CapsimInbox has been proven to be one of the most accurate predictors of future job performance.

Foster learner growth

CapsimInbox offers a suite of tools to help guide learners' development journey:

  • Skill-gap analysis – highlights gaps between a participant's self-assessment and the skill ratings generated by the simulation. 
  • Developmental tactics – actionable tips and guidance to improve weaker skills. 
  • Individual development plan – establish a blueprint for skill development and growth.

“CapsimInbox has quickly become an integral part of our educational process. The ability to immerse learners in real-world simulations provides direct parallels to the financial industry and helps develop the soft-skills necessary to thrive in any career.”

Myles Gage, Co-Founder   

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