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Prepare your learners for career success.

Engage, measure, and develop your learners with real-world experiences recreated in an immersive, day-in-the-life email simulation.

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What you can do with CapsimInbox

Bring knowledge and concepts to life in a real-world context.

Context is critical to help learners understand how to apply knowledge to new situations or problems. CapsimInbox’s email interface and authentic situations provide practical and relatable learning experiences that mirror real-world experiences.

See the subjects and concepts others have brought to life or turn your own experience into an inbox microsimulation.




Assess soft skills.

Soft skills are more critical than ever. But they’re notoriously hard to assess. CapsimInbox provides a quick and easy way to put learners in authentic situations while objectively measuring behavioral skills, such as leadership and critical thinking, with every response.

Provide immediate and actionable feedback.

Meaningful development starts with accurate self-awareness. CapsimInbox generates personalized and actionable feedback to every learner–helping them uncover strengths, weaknesses, and a path for development.

Key Features

Self-assessment – participants rate their perceived skill levels before the simulation experience.

Skill-gap analysis – participants see their self-assessment compared to their performance in the simulation.

Developmental tactics – participants receive actionable insights to improve each skill assessed.

Individual development plan – guides participants through the creation of SMART goals and actionable next steps.


Some of the ways to use Capsiminbox

Knowledge Checks

Turn dry follow-up questions into interactive and practical exercises.

Pre/Post Assessment

Assess how well your course or program meets your learning objectives

Hiring & Selection

Learn if job candidates are a good fit before you hire them.

Certification Courses

Feel confident certified individuals can perform a real-world setting.

Interactive Cases

Turn static case studies into interactive experiences in a real-world context.

Skill Gap Analysis

Uncover the critical skill gaps keeping your learners from reaching their potential.

Bring meaningful learning everywhere, easily.

Give your learners a fun, practical, and bit-sized experience anywhere, anytime with virtually no administrative burden. CapsimInbox microsimulations are entirely self-directed and WCAG 2.0 AA ADA compliant.

See why educators choose CapsimInbox

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This tool is highly innovative and would benefit any organization. I have recently seen corporations begging for this type of soft skill development, and for college students to be able to learn these skills, it breaks the mold for business curriculums.

Dr. Cynthia D. Miller

Instructional Technology Facilitator

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I found this product to be interesting and a creative way to simulate the work environment. It is extremely important for students to develop the soft skills that employers want and this product offers the opportunity for users to practice and evaluate these skills through answering a series of emails. The self-assessment helps them pinpoint the areas that need additional work.

Adele Weiner, Ph.D., L.C.S.W.


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Overall, I think the product offers a lot of customization, flexibility, and innovation. The learning experiences are truly authentic to the workplace for users and professors or administrators could use the tool to create a module that is reflective of the soft skills needed for employment.

Dr. Kathryn Nieves-Licwinko

Educational Technology Consultant

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