Find & Fix Skills Gaps with Inbox Simulations

A new assessment and training technology to help L&D professionals evaluate and reinforce critical skills in a familiar email environment.


Make learning stick

If your employees don't apply or practice newly acquired skills, over 80% of your training goes to waste. Inbox simulations provide an immersive email environment to reinforce critical skills in a context that mirrors the real world.

Turn concepts and topics into engaging, day-in-the-life experiences with branching storylines, authentic situations, and relatable characters.



Measure the hard-to-measure

While soft skills are highly sought-after, they're notoriously difficult to measure accurately. CapsimInbox objectively measures interpersonal and decision-making skills as learners navigate and respond to relevant work situations.

CapsimInbox is validated to be among the best predictors of job performance.

Fuel employee development with actionable, data-driven feedback

CapsimInbox offers a suite of tools to help develop a learner's self-awareness and personal plan for growth:

  • Self-assessments
  • Skill-gap analysis
  • Developmental tactics
  • Individual Development Plan

Build inbox simulations, without code

If you can write an email, you can quickly turn real workplace situations into immersive inbox simulations relevant to your team and business.