Measure What Matters

Build tailored assessments that align with your course and program objectives while streamlining reporting for assurance of learning.

Create an exam to meet your learning objectives.

Visually build exams aligned to your course or program learning objectives. Choose from a large bank of valid, peer-reviewed questions, or create your own as you go.

Simplify reporting for assurance of learning.

Modular-XM measures course learning objectives while compiling uniformed data aligned to your program's learning outcomes -- simplifying and enhancing your reporting for accreditation.


Compare your students against all test-takers.

Modular-XM's comparative report lets you understand how your students stack up to the total student population, organized by each individual learning objective. 


A unique exam for every student.

Exam questions and responses are formed using unique simulated data for each student while an extensive bank of parallel questions provides an additional layer of validity.


Unlock student development.

Students are guided through the creation of an Individual Development Plan (IDP) aligned directly with their exam results. Each IDP consists of performance feedback, developmental tactics, and S.M.A.R.T. goals.


Ready to start measuring what matters most to your course or program?