Capture Your Students' Mastery of Business Concepts

CapsimInbox-XM is a simulation-based assessment that you can pair with our suite of business simulations. Students are immersed in an email environment and evaluated on their capability to apply the knowledge they’ve gained in their coursework to real-world situations.




How it Works

Students continue their simulation journey by stepping into the role of CEO. In preparation for an upcoming Shareholder's Meeting, students must respond to emails from board members inquiring about the performance of the business using an individualized, dynamically-generated report.


Assess Knowing and Doing

Give your students an immersive, real-world environment to apply business knowledge and learn by doing. As students navigate situations and make decisions, CapsimInbox-XM evaluates their performance across six subject areas:

  • Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Operations

Simplify Grading

CapsimInbox-XM instantaneously provides you with a breakdown of how well your students performed overall, across each subject, and across each concept.

CapsimInbox-XM_Reporting – Bunch – 620px (1)

Streamline Assurance of Learning

CapsimInbox-XM provides a suite of reports containing consistent and quality data. With the click of a button, you can see:

  • Student performance against concepts and learning goals
  • Class performance across learning objectives
  • Population performance across classes

Meet CapsimInbox-XM

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete?

On average, CapsimInbox-XM takes less than two hours to complete. Students can finish the assessment in one sitting or across multiple sessions.

Can I grade it?

Yes, you can use CapsimInbox-XM as a graded final exam. You can also use it as a diagnostic to better prepare students for the final exam. For this use case, Many instructors assign a pass-fail grading system.

How do you address academic integrity?
CapsimInbox-XM uses our Snowflake technology to ensure each student receives unique and dynamically-generated data to respond to questions.
Can I customize it?

While the assessment is currently a fixed experience, we will be adding functionality for instructors to remove subject areas and add/remove specific exam items to meet specific learning objectives. Stay tuned.

Can I use it without a business simulation?

No. CapsimInbox-XM is designed specifically as an add-on experience to our suite of business simulations.

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