Strategic Management Bundle

Streamline Your Instruction with a Textbook + Simulation Bundle

Pair Frank Rothaermel's Strategic Management eText with the Capstone Business Simulation – giving students a more meaningful, comprehensive, and seamless learning experience for just $99.99.

($46 eText + $53.99 simulation) 


Create a meaningful, enjoyable, and affordable learning experience for your students.

Bundling your simulation with Page West’s Strategic Management text streamlines your instruction and takes your students’ learning experience to the next level by combining theory and practice in a novel, integrative approach.

From the Author


Applying Rothaermel's AFI Framework to Capstone

Students need the opportunity to utilize their knowledge and analytical skills to implement a strategy. Give your students a competitive advantage by combining two leading resources used in strategy instruction.

Create a meaningful, enjoyable, and affordable learning experience for your students.

Bundling the Capstone simulation with Frank Rothaermel's Strategic Management eText streamlines your instruction and takes your students' learning experience to the next level by combining theory and practice in a novel, integrated approach.

  • Mini Cases:
    Take key concepts from the simulation and provide real implementation examples from real companies.

  • Chapter Cases:
    Provided at the beginning and end of each chapter to frame the chapter content.

  • Full-Length Cases:
    Over 20 revised and updated real-world business dilemmas to help students understand ideas and theories.

  • Strategy Team Project:
    Available for every chapter, the Strategy Team Project can be applied to any company to complete a strategic management analysis.

  • Integration Manual:
    Maps strategy content from Rothaermel’s Strategic Management eText directly to the Capstone simulation through:

    • Exercises
    • Discussion points
    • Question and Answers

See How Frank Integrates the Bundle into His Own Course

Learn how Strategic Management author, Frank T. Rothaermel, bridges the knowing-doing gap by integrating Capsim’s Capstone simulation into his courses. Dr. Rothaermel outlines how he effectively connects the acquired knowledge gained from his textbook with its application in Capstone.

Provide a Seamless Student Experience

The eText  draws on value chain and resource-based advantage theory to tie together content across chapters. 


The Most Up-to-Date Strategy Textbook on the Market

While most traditional textbooks experience a long lead time in updating their content through legacy publishers, Strategic Management 7e’s digital production and publication provide the benefit of currency. Company examples used as illustrations have updated performance numbers through 2021 and into 2022.


Prepare Students for Career Succes by Moving from Theory to Practice

Strategic Management 7e provides analytical frameworks–and ways to apply them in the simulation. This text dedicates a standalone chapter to performance–a key outcome of strategic management–that reinforces the concept of strategic decisions and actions translating to financial effects. 

Page West grounds his text in foundational strategic management theory with contemporary thinking in strategy, from both academic publications and industry experience. Not to mention, this strategic management text underwent a rigorous revision process, reviewed by other strategy professors with real-world expertise. 

Strategic Management 7e aligns with key simulation dimensions and provides practical steps to implement frameworks such as: 

  • Strategy process: analysis, formulation, implementation, evaluation 
  • Industry analysis: five forces, key success factors, strategic groups 
  • Value chain coordination 
  • Business level strategy 
  • Performance objectives 
  • Performance monitoring – balanced scorecard