Four Criteria Every Instructional Tool Needs to Promote Meaningful Development

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August 14, 2018
Four Criteria Every Instructional Tool Needs to Promote Meaningful Development

Decades of research on leadership development and performance feedback have identified four criteria that must be met by an instructional tool to successfully promote meaningful development in students. The four criteria are:

1. Assesses Knowing & Doing

2. Fosters Accurate Self-Awareness

3. Delivers an Engaging and Relevant Experience

4. Provides Actionable Feedback

While educators strive to construct their instructional approach with student development in mind, popular tools like textbooks and multiple-choice exams fall short when attempting to meet the four criteria needed for meaningful development.

Academic institutions and educators have one goal in common: to prepare students for success post-graduation. As a result, it’s critical to think about the following dilemma – If instructional tools fail to promote meaningful development, should we continue to use them?

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