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Case Study-Card-McMaster
Rita Cossa of McMaster University Uses Capsim to Boost Engagement for 1,200+ Online Students, Worldwide
When presented with an opportunity to incorporate different teaching strategies and tools into the course, Professor Rita Cossa was adamantly against simulations. Now she can't envision teaching without them. So what changed?
Case Study-Card-SR-Business-Solutions
SR Business Solutions Uses Capsim to Empower Women Aspiring to Be Entrepreneurs
Many women in India don’t have the decision-making power or the resources to build a future for themselves outside of their homes. That’s where Suman Rangabhashyam, a passionate business coach and educator in India, felt the need to step in. 
Case Study-Card-Waterloo
Geoff Malleck of the University of Waterloo Increases the Popularity of a New Business Program Using Capsim
When Geoff Malleck, Lecturer at University of Waterloo, was tasked with developing a series of courses for the popular Arts and Business Program, he was on the search for a tool that was “less textbook strategy and more ‘get your hands dirty.’” This is what he found. 
Case Study-Card-Reach
Reach HR Reduces Time-To-Hire by Over 50% With Capsim
The time and resources required for hiring are a considerable investment for applicants and employees. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here's how one company cut down on "time to hire."