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September 13, 2013

CapsimU – Capsim’s social media brand – is launching to answer your student’s questions on the platforms they use everyday: Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

In September, Capsim’s Student Support staff began using Twitter in a limited test to answer student questions and direct students to online help.

From January our twitter feed — @CapsimU — will be used to promote a series of helpful tips running on our YouTube page.

Each week we’ll produce ReCAP, a new video series answering a frequently asked question, providing a helpful hint or covering a current business issue. ReCAP videos will be archived on YouTube – because if you find one that helps your class in one semester, it will most likely work for next semester, too!

Capsim will use Facebook to share ReCAP videos, announce deadlines and tips for Challenge participants and share the success stories of Capsim alumni.

We look forward to your feedback and ideas at CapsimU.

Watch this video for more details.

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