Capsim Attending 2015 ATD International Conference

For our third year straight, Capsim is attending the ATD International Conference that will take place on May 17-20 in Orlando, Florida.

Capsim in the News

We are happy to see so many institutions recognizing their students for their hard work and efforts using Capsim.

What does the 21st-century office look like?

The 21st-century office has come to fully integrate of technology, develop distinct company cultures and puts an emphasis on collaborative spaces.

Blending online learning into a college course

While academia and the working world debate the values of traditional lecture halls versus online learning environments, the reality may very well be that the most effective means of engaging students lies somewhere in between.

2,500+ Students Repeat Course Assignment – For Fun! (…and bragging rights….)

More than 2,500 university business students from around the world did something extraordinary this month: they repeated a university assignment voluntarily, for no credit, and in their own time.

Webinar: Why Team Projects Fail and What to Do About It

About the Webinar In this webinar, Dr. Erich Dierdorff discusses why team projects fail and what to do about it. Dr. Dierdorff is a team training expert and has recently published in Harvard Business Review on the topic. Drawing from

Implementing project-based learning in online classrooms

Online classes are increasingly becoming the norm in order to provide students with greater accessibility to higher education.

Gallup report finds vast majority of managers are not engaging

According to a new report by Gallup, organizations don't choose candidates with the right talent to become effective managers 82 percent of the time.