Teaching Ethics In An Ethically Challenged World

Post by Capsim
April 5, 2018

This series is dedicated to educators like yourself who teach business ethics in the classroom. It will lay out the ins and outs of business ethics every Friday for the next several months. We welcome your own thoughts and opinions as we attempt to create a discussion in business ethics for the academic community.

As the first post, you may be wondering why Capsim is devoting an entire series to ethics. Well, we recently released an Ethics Plug-in for our Capstone and Foundation business simulations. Our first post will focus on the challenges of teaching Ethics and how Capsim has developed a tool to help navigate through these issues.

The Capsim Business Simulation Ethics Plug-in provides an opportunity for students to learn to recognize ethical dilemmas that you want to use—which are not always clear cut cases of right and wrong. It offers a set of analytic tools to assess the impact of a behavior or action on various stakeholders and the ethical, legal and financial effects on students’ simulated company. The Ethics Plug-in presents one or more scenarios that provide an opportunity to practice ethical reasoning.

The more measured an individual’s response to ethical problems, the less vulnerable they may be to undue or untoward pressure in the corporate arena and the more prepared they are to shape their company’s ability to be a good corporate citizen on the world stage. Understanding how to use ethical decision-making tools, therefore, may be as important to a business school education as the disciplines of marketing, finance and operations.

To learn how to arm your students with the ethical decision-making tools necessary to effectively tackle ethical dilemmas, access your free eBook – Assessing and Developing Ethical Decision-Making Skills.

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