Teamwork: How do you prove it works?

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March 5, 2015

Using team feedback for development

Designed to provide ongoing feedback for individuals as well as the entire team, TeamMATE® pinpoints how behaviors are contributing to — or detracting from — team performance.

Individual-level success factors including performance preparation, execution, monitoring, and adjustment are easy to measure. Confidence, coordination, cohesion, cooperation, and conflict are evaluated using the team-level success factors.

TeamMATE includes an easy online questionnaire that can be scheduled at intervals through the project. That way issues such as individual contribution and internal conflict can be quickly identified, diagnosed, and addressed before it’s too late.

Individual Performance Feedback

1) Identify areas for personal improvement. Look for your lowest number within the data. That’s where the work begins.

2) Create an action plan. Choose a few specific behaviors to work on before the next survey. See if you can improve your score.

3) Share results. Tell the group about your plan of action. Not only will that show you received the feedback, but you’re using it to improve.

Team Performance Feedback

1) Identify areas for team improvement. Where is the team scoring poorly?

2) Create an action plan. Use specific language such as “over the next two weeks, we will improve our _______ by engaging in the following behaviors including ________.” Or “each meeting will include 10 minutes on the agenda to ensure everyone has the opportunity to comment on our strategic position.”

3) Use the Teamwork Toolkit. The toolkit includes a video and additional resources to help teams improve their performance.

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