Teamwork: Just showing up isn’t enough.

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February 6, 2015

Running an Effective Meeting

You’ve probably attended more than your fair share. Meetings that go nowhere, achieve nothing, and feel like a waste of time. A complaint we consistently hear is that team meetings are unproductive at best, dysfunctional at worst.

The best way to combat unproductive meetings is through a consistent structure, based around the responsibilities outlined in the team charter. Here are a few tips to ensure you get the most out of your next meeting:


1) Determine the need for and purpose of the meeting. Is the meeting necessary? Does everyone need to be there? Establish and communicate a clear objective(s) and what you plan to achieve.

2) Plan ahead and always use an agenda. Rotate responsibilities for preparing and circulating the agenda, including time limits on each activity and discussion.

3) Stick to the agenda. Appoint someone to take notes and a timekeeper for each meeting. Alternate between members of the group every time you meet. Be sure to note topics that are important for future consideration. Clearly assign tasks and deadlines to specific team members.


1) Prepare. Complete your assignment and prepare questions and thoughts for the next meeting.

2) Ask for clarification. Always ask questions when things start to get off track.

3) Seek input and be supportive. Engage team members who seem less willing to contribute to discussions.

4) Take initiative. Volunteer to support the team by taking notes or doing an extra task.

5) Listen. Turn off your phone! External distractions take your eye off the ball and can quickly sabotage the purpose of the meeting.

6) Contribute to the discussion but be concise. Personal stories and anecdotes have a place, but are rarely productive in meetings.

Additional information on running an effective meeting is available from the TeamMATE® Teamwork Toolkit.

If you’d like to find out how TeamMATE can improve your team performance, please email us at today.​

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