Capsim Launches CapsimInbox: People Management - A New Soft Skills Assessment for Managers

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January 29, 2018

Capsim has released a new version of their CapsimInbox platform — CapsimInbox: People Management. The simulation-based assessment provides business managers with an efficient and objective way to build self-awareness and identify key soft skills in need of development in only 60 minutes. CapsimInbox: People Management features a self-assessment, an inbox simulation where participants make decisions across four common personnel management areas, a feedback report consisting of performance scores and developmental tactics, and the ability to be guided through the creation of an Individual Development Plan.

“CapsimInbox changes everything. Prior to its release, soft skills were difficult to measure,” said Joe LiVigni, Capsim’s Director of Training and Development. “There aren’t many tools that provide valid, data-based feedback out there, especially on soft skills. Up until now organizations have had to rely on assessment center, in-basket exercises, that are time consuming and very costly to run. With the addition of the People Management version, Capsim provides the ability to measure not only general management soft skills but people management skills at a minimal cost in a shorter period of time. With validity data showing a correlation to job performance and the ability to generate an IDP based on SMART goals, this tool may be the next gold standard in assessing soft skills.”

Participants start by taking a brief self-assessment where they rate their perceived level on five essential soft skills including initiating, leading, problem solving, organizing, and communicating. They then enter the inbox simulation and experience a day in the life of a manager as they respond to various situations, via emails and instant messages, across four common personnel management areas including structuring work, acquiring talent, managing talent, and rewarding performance.

After the simulation portion is complete, participants are provided a feedback report that offers a clear picture of their current levels of soft skills proficiency and personnel management decision making, as well as specific tactics to help improve the areas in most need of development.

For those wanting to take their development a step further, CapsimInbox also guides managers through the creation of an Individual Development Plan (IDP) to ensure future success. The IDP incorporates developmental tactics, the creation of S.M.A.R.T. goals, and internal or external developmental resources.

If you’re looking for a tool to help with the assessment and development of your managers’ soft skills, call Capsim for a 10-minute demo.

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