Capsim Partners with Notre Dame’s Young African Leaders Initiative

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June 18, 2018

Developing a deeper understanding of the multi-faceted world of business can seem daunting. Fortunately, Capsim created business simulations so people all over the world can enhance their business comprehension through experiential learning.

University of Notre Dame’s Mandela Washington Fellowship is part of President Barack Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) program. Twenty-five YALI Fellows are selected from all over Africa and are trained at Notre Dame in a six-week academic course that focuses on business and entrepreneurship. Capsim donates the use of its Capstone simulation to the program to give YALI Fellows an opportunity to strengthen their business acumen in a no-risk environment.

On July 14, Capsim hosted an event for YALI’s faculty and Fellows to learn more about Capsim and discuss their experiences using the Capstone simulation. The interactive platform provides students with the opportunity to test assumptions and learn from mistakes so they can feel more confident stepping into their future business career.

Reda Chafai, president of Capsim, cultivated discussion and led a question and answer session during the presentation. The Fellows were able to talk about their experiences and learn more about Capsim and its mission. Common lessons that the fellows took away from the simulation included grasping the importance of knowing the customer and long-term rewards. Once the presentation ended, YALI members and staff were given a tour of the Capsim office located in Chicago’s Loop.

Since Notre Dame began hosting YALI Fellows three years ago, Capsim has played an important role in the business training aspect of the program. Providing Fellows with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed is a priority for both parties involved. Capsim is excited to continue working with Notre Dame and the fellowship program for many years to come.

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