Capsim's User Seminars Prove To Be Effective

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August 26, 2011

Stepping back into a student’s shoes can be a great way to take a fresh look at teaching. For 18 professors across the globe, Capsim’s August User Seminar in Chicago was an opportunity to do just that.

“We’re out here putting ourselves in the student’s shoes,” Professor David Luvison from DeVry University said. “We’re trying out different strategies, and all the while we’re learning how to effectively teach Capstone.”

The professors did not come solely to compete in Capstone Business Simulation; they wanted to learn how to best use the simulation in their curriculum.

The discussion on tips of for using the simulation was led by Capsim CEO Craig Watters. “He’s a great speaker,” said Professor Alan Attaway from the University of Louisville, “he’s a combination of informative and very entertaining.”

And what would a Capsim User Seminar be without a bit of fun? Before the seminar kicked off, over appetizers and a few drinks, the Capsim team put faces to several of the voices that they’d been helping on the phone for so long, and professors enjoyed getting to know the employees who have been supporting their courses all year.

Team Erie, comprised of professors Alan Attaway from Louisville, Rick Riddering from Trinity Christian College and Sherry Ridge from McHenry County College, just squeaked ahead of the competition to take home top honors. Though everyone was battling for the top spot, the greatest takeaway was learning how to best implement a teaching tool that can mold their students’ understanding of the business world. For the 18 professors in attendance for Capsim’s August User Seminar, they did just that.

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