Capsim® Named in EdTech Digest’s "10 Companies to Watch" in 2019

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February 12, 2019
Capsim® Named in EdTech Digest’s "10 Companies to Watch" in 2019

Capsim® has been recognized as one of EdTech Digest’s “10 Companies to Watch” in 2019. These companies were selected, and featured in their State of EdTech 2019-2020 report, for their commitment to transforming education through innovative tech-based solutions. This recognition validates Capsim’s commitment to inspiring, cultivating and developing the next generation of business leaders.

EdTech Digest also recently featured CapsimInbox® in an article published under their “Cool Tools” category. This feature recognizes CapsimInbox as a developmental tool that is reshaping the education culture while creating a better future for students.

The article provides a glimpse into CapsimInbox, a simple and experiential assessment that provides objective, personalized and actionable feedback to develop the behavioral skills critical to career success. These skills, identified in research as the most sought-after by hiring organizations, include Leading, Problem Solving, Communicating and Ethical Decision-Making.

EdTech Digest also discusses CapsimInbox’s two innovative components: (1) the objective skills assessment where participants experience real-world managerial scenarios and (2) the Individual Development Plan (IDP), a self-directed tool that moves participants from feedback to action through tailored developmental tactics and S.M.A.R.T. goals.

To learn more about CapsimInbox, follow this link: CapsimInbox

To read the full article, follow this link: CapsimInbox | EdTech Digest

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