Capsim Announces 2011/2012 Product Enhancements

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September 2, 2011

“I need help debriefing my class,” is one of the most common requests Capsim receives from professors. Well, the wait is over. Because of your suggestions, Capsim has launched a Debrief Rubric Report as part of its 2012 product line. Now, no matter what the situation, you can still deliver a comprehensive debrief to your students.

The Capsim Debrief Rubric Report is an automated, round-by-round summary of each team’s results, benchmarked against a range of criteria. One glance indicates which teams are in trouble and which area of their business is suffering. A closer reading gives you all the information you need to deliver a comprehensive debrief, even when preparation time is limited or you can’t deliver it yourself.

The Debrief Rubric is one of many additions to Capsim’s 2012 product line which now includes the Ethics Plug-in. With Ethics increasingly becoming a requirement for accreditation in many business schools’ curricula, Capsim’s Ethics Plug-in presents students with issues they need to analyze and act upon, while considering the long and short-term impacts on their simulated company. The Ethics Plug-in integrates directly into the Capstone and Foundation simulations, giving students a way to emotionally connect to ethics instruction in the classroom.

Professors also now have another option for their end of course assessments. Comp-XM Basix gives you several of the same great features as the original Comp-XM in a shorter period of time. Comp-XM Basix is a unique, non-replicable exam that can be offered as a proctored or take-home exam.

On top of all of these new additions to Capstone, Foundation and Comp-XM, Capsim has also upgraded the industry conditions reports, Getting Started menu and both the rehearsal tutorial and introductory lesson.

With our upgrades ready to go, our 2012 product line is now online. You asked. We answered.

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