Challenge finalists go on to perform “above peers”

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May 24, 2017
Challenge finalists go on to perform “above peers”


According to Professor Harold Harlow, students who enter the Capsim Challenge not only deepen their learning experience, each of his finalists from Wingate University in North Carolina has gone on to “perform above their peers in our group of colleges and universities”.

Professor Dawn Fotopulos, of The Kings College in New York, agrees: “students have said to me ‘my boss can’t believe I don’t have a graduate degree. I understand how the business functions so well, they have me in senior management meetings even though I’m a new hire’!”

In Capsim’s biannual challenge, hundreds of business professors at universities around the globe find their students doing something extraordinary – repeating a class assignment, in their own time, and for no extra credit.

Nopadol Rompho from Thammasat University in Thailand said “it is extremely difficult for students to test their business knowledge in the real world when they are still studying – the simulation game is a very good tool to help them apply theory in action.”

Professor Rompho’s student, Sirimon Makarananda, won the Foundation® Spring Challenge for 2017. Jordan Stewart of Old Dominion University in Virginia, a student of Professor Anil Nair, won the Capstone® Spring Challenge.

Professors Doug Wilson and Dave Dusseau, who use Foundation Business Simulation in freshmen classes at the University of Oregon, report it helps their students determine a major.  “We have had many seniors who graduate as business majors say it was the Foundation experience that helped them determine business would be a good fit for them.”

Professor Kai-lung Hui of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, who uses Capstone® Business Simulation for more senior classes, says his students find their Capsim experience “rewarding and inspiring”. He said “the Challenge is a natural setting for them to pursue their strategy execution ability.”

Professor Kyle Anderson, of Indiana University-Purdue University in Indianapolis, was excited to see his first students to enter the Challenge prevail over hundreds of competitors to “represent our school at the highest level”. “I didn’t have to encourage them to compete,” he said, “they came to me and asked if they could participate in it!”

Spring Challenge entrants came from more than 20 countries including Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Israel, Lebanon, Mexico, Kuwait, Thailand, Turkey, the West Indies and the United States. Winners enter the Capsim Challenge Hall of Fame and receive a $400 American Express voucher for a dinner or victory party.


Finalist results for Capsim’s Spring 2017 Foundation® Challenge:

Rank Name Professor School Score
1 Sirimon Makarananda Nopadol Rompho Thammasat University 743
2 Brandon Beecham Timothy Florer Iowa State University 709
3 Jess Mathews Dawn Fotopulos The Kings College 541
Kaleb Batman
4 Rebekka Burtt Aaron Lerwill Brigham Young University – Idaho 474
5 Stefanie Tra Dwight Long University of Texas at Arlington 449
6 Wasei Miyashita David Dusseau University of Oregon 235


Finalist results for Capsim’s Spring 2017 Capstone® Challenge:


Rank Name Professor School Score
1 Jordan Stewart Anil Nair Old Dominion University 631
2 Hosea Chan Kai-Lung Hui Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 614
3 Leif-Henning Kluver Harold Harlow Wingate University 588
4 John McDaniel Ron Frazier Florida State University 556
Jacob Nolff
Michael Hale
5 Joshua Truitt Kyle Anderson Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis 538
Brian Czenkusch
6 James Rasik Scott Graffin University of Georgia 466
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