Featured Professor: Derrick Walters

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October 14, 2011

Professors can deliver Capsim business simulations to their students in many different ways. One man who knows that is Professor Derrick Walters.

In Professor Walters’ Adult Studies program, he faces a tough task – squeezing an 8 round Capsim simulation into a 6 week course. He first tried to run rounds in-class, but due to his course-work requirements, “In our situation, the approach was unacceptable.”

The solution? “I decided to use Adobe Connect to supplement my Capsim courses, which allowed students to meet outside of class, online in a chat room.”

By integrating web-based meeting software into his course, Professor Walters provided another dimension to his Foundation and Capstone classes – live monitoring. “Each team member could log in from their home and complete the decisions online in the Adobe chat room. I could even join and observe them while they work through their decisions.”

Professor Derrick Walters teaches principles of management, strategic management, international business and more at Trinity Christian College in Palos Heights, IL, about 25 minutes south of Chicago, IL. Due to his contributions with Capsim in the curriculum, Trinity’s business school is gaining prominence in the community. Trinity’s use of both Foundation and Capstone puts it on par with other business schools in terms of course rigor, content and student success.

By using a varied teaching approach across the board, Professor Derrick Walters delivers his courses with an open mind for change. The decisions best suit his student’s learning goals.

If you’d like to share your story on how Capsim’s business simulations have helped your class, contact us at welcome@capsim.com.

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