Featured Professor: Andrew Bargerstock

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May 25, 2012

In the center of the United States – in Iowa – a consciousness-based learning university is proving their MBA program has the capabilities to compete with the best business schools in the world. By scoring in the 99th percentile in a recent business simulation competition, a team of students in Dr. Andrew Bargerstock’s MBA program at Maharishi University of Management found themselves ranked 1st out of 137 other teams to make the Finals of the Foundation Business Challenge.

Dr. Bargerstock uses Foundation Business Simulation in his U.S. and International Accounting Practices course, and students are able to build their skills in integrated decision-making, which is something that Dr. Bargerstock feels is lacking in many accountants.

“In the USA, we do a good job at educating accountants from a technical perspective, however, good accountants do not necessarily make good management decision makers,” Bargerstock says. “The simulation provides a good laboratory experience where students need to assess risk and uncertainty, build consensus for decisions and make adjustments based on environmental feedback. All of these experiences enhance an accountant’s skill set and prepare them for middle-level and upper management responsibilities.”

For Dr. Bargerstock and his students, Foundation Business Simulation provided the hands-on learning experience they were seeking. “It validates the quality of their decision-making skills and builds confidence that they can compete in the international business environment,” Bargerstock says.

The winning team from Dr. Bargerstock’s course was featured in a video summary (view here) of their experience, showing how their unique backgrounds and learning approaches helped them grab the title.

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