Featured Professor: Robert Björklund

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September 13, 2013

When Professor Robert Björklund suggested that Woodbury University integrate Capsim business simulations throughout their entire business school curriculum in 2003, he heard some disagreement from others in the business school. Faculty was concerned that the simulations may be a duplicate experience if both undergraduate and graduate students participated, but Professor Björklund wasn’t worried. After implementation, his claims were validated. “It became clear that participating in an undergrad setting may help the student know the program, but the simulation operates at a completely different level when you are part of a roomful of MBA students,” he said.

With Capsim business simulations being used at Woodbury from an Intro to Business course to an MBA Capstone Course, a wide range of their 600+ business students experience simulation-based learning.

Simulations haven’t only helped students, though. Björklund has pushed Comp-XM, the competency exam, and Capsim’s Ethics Plug-in for students, and found both to be helpful in Woodbury’s ongoing accreditation process. “Comp-XM provided excellent assessment feedback for our Assurance of Learning work, and the Ethics Plug-in enriched and strengthened our MBA and BBA ethics program goals,” he said. Woodbury currently uses all of this information as external comparisons while seeking accreditation.

Björklund has been a simulation user for many years, using three well-known business simulations over the years. However, if you ask him, Capsim has provided the best experience for him. “I find the Capsim program to be best for me and my students, and the Capsim program really helped me develop as a professor,” Björklund says.

A champion of the Capsim brand, Björklund also received Featured Professor backing from two vital cogs in the Woodbury University School of Business. Dean Andre van Niekerk said, “From a Dean’s perspective…we highly value what [Bob] brings through his experience and insight to the table through the Capsim program.” Associate Dean Satinder Dhiman said, “[Bob’s] contribution to the MBA program in terms of his concerted efforts to utilize Capsim is truly exemplary.”

While it took some time to implement his plans at Woodbury, Björklund’s successful efforts have made him quite a popular professor.

If you’d like to share your story on how Capsim’s business simulations have helped your class, contact us at welcome@capsim.com.

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