Enhancement Release - 3/6/2015

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March 6, 2015
Enhancement Release - 3/6/2015


Capsim’s GlobalDNA is a multifaceted simulation that
will challenge you to think outside the ‘silos’ of individual
disciplines such as marketing, accounting, operations
and so on, and appreciate how each element of the
company’s operations interact with one another.

The success of your company is dependent on your
ability to think strategically, learn from mistakes and
missteps (and if you don’t make any, you’re not trying
hard enough!). Enjoy the learning experience
knowing that nobody’s retirement portfolio will be
destroyed if your company fails!

We added a step within Task 3 to clarify how students can forecast sales using segment growth rates.

Stay tuned for our March enhancement release, when we’ll be rolling out updates to Capstone, Foundation, GlobalDNA, and TeamMATE. Please share any feedback you may have, as we strive to continuously improve your user experience.

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