Over 100,000 users develop their business acumen using capsim every year

Unlimited Support

Capsim offers unlimited phone and email support, as well as additional training and resources such as webinars, seminars, tutorials, slide decks, and sample syllabi.

Dynamic Learning

Participants and educators both love Capsim business simulations because of their engaging and interactive nature that brings building business acumen to life.

Real-World Preparation

By testing and assessing business acumen and knowledge in a competitive environment, participants are better prepared for real-world business situations.

Tools &

Every educator goes through one-on-one training with a simulation expert before teaching with a simulation. We ensure a seamless integration into any learning environment.

Students have the opportunity to see how decisions resonate within all areas of the company and they begin to appreciate the organization as a system of interrelated parts. We will definitely continue using the program for our MBA Capstone course.

- Dr. Tony Muscia

why use Capsim?


Capsim's Business Simulations are adaptable enough to teach any business education level. From introductory-level classes at community colleges to advanced MBA programs at the most prestigious universities in the world to corporate level management training at Fortune 500 companies, over 100,000 participants per year build business acumen and knowledge through Capsim Business Simulations.


Are you a professor with a large class size or a learning officer with an entire department in need of training? Our business simulations are scalable enough so that educators in need of a solution for as few as 5 participants or as large as 1000 can offer the same learning experience. Our own simulation experts have years of experience in delivering to audiences of all sizes and can help you ensure a seamless integration.


Do you worry that you don't have enough time to learn a new teaching tool? Or maybe you like the idea of a simulation but need to condense it into a weekend program. We offer many solutions to solve any time constraints you may have. We can even take care of the delivery for you. These options allow educators to only be as involved as they would like to be.