Who We Are

Capsim is a global leader in business simulation technology and services designed to teach business acumen in any learning environment.

Time and time again, research has shown that people learn best by doing. That's why over 900,000 participants have been impacted by Capsim. Placing individuals and teams in real life competitive business environments creates a more powerful, engaging and realistic learning experience than can be taught through case studies or textbooks.

Since 1985, we've created multiple simulations that build business acumen, team building and critical thinking skills in participants – and the services and support to back them up at any time. As Capsim has grown over the years, one theme has always remained the same – simulations provide the most effective way of building business acumen.

What We Believe

Our mission is to be at the forefront of today's business education solutions, shaping the development of leaders through the most advanced simulation technology, products and services. We seek to create exceptional, measurable learning environments, while providing real data to substantiate learning concepts.

Our vision is to be a powerful ally and partner in the education and training field, bringing theory to life and providing thought leadership to both academic and corporate communities.

What We Do

President Dan Smith and CEO Craig Watters founded Capsim in 1985 after building simulation prototypes while students at Kellogg School of Management. Dan wrote business simulations as an MBA student in order to hone his learning. He published his results, which became the starting point for the Capsim simulation library.

Capsim initially provided business education and training to executives. Taking advantage of the internet expansion of the 1990s, the company entered the academic arena to reach business professors and their students. The company continues to develop new programs and simulations to support the needs of both instructors and aspiring business people around the world.

Capsim was the first to offer real-world online business simulations for corporate training and academic curricula. Some of Capsim's firsts include:

  • Building a simulation-based assessment tool for individual, class, curriculum and accreditation benchmarking
  • Integrating case studies and business models with online simulation technology for customized learning programs
  • Engaging +100,000 users worldwide annually
  • Providing comprehensive, expert live support for all instructors and students
  • Growing an active global user community to consistently build and improve an application and business case library
  • Introducing a fail-safe technology platform of mirrored servers for maintaining zero downtime