Bring real-world experience to any learning environment.

A free authoring tool to create email simulations that immerse learners in authentic stories to develop and evaluate essential skills.

From idea to digital learning in hours


Bring real-world scenarios to life.

Turn your ideas and expertise into a simulated learning environment with real-world decision-making. Easily create the scenario and write emails, instant messages, and documents to bring your story to life.

Dr. Robert Portnoy created an inbox simulation to expose learners to the scenarios he faced as an HR Professional. Watch Dr. Portnoy share his story or play a 5-minute demo of his inbox simulation.


Measure the skills that matter most.

Measure the essential career skills learners need to succeed. Determine the skills you want to measure and assign skill impact scores to responses. Our platform measures individual skill proficiency as a percentile for an objective rating.

The possibilities are endless!

Here are some of the topics our authors have brought to life: Cultural Awareness, Microeconomics, Escape Room, Business Law, Managerial Accounting, Sports Management, Crisis Management, Data Analytics: Forensic Accounting, Ethical Decision-Making, and more!


Foster self-awareness & growth.

Help learners uncover areas of weakness and provide the individualized and actionable feedback needed to grow:

  • Self-assessment – each participant rates their perceived skill levels prior to the simulation experience.
  • Skill-gap analysis – each participant’s self-assessment is compared to their actual performance.
  • Developmental tactics – insights to improve each skill being assessed.
  • Individual development plan – guides participants through the creation of SMART goals and actionable next steps.

Some of the ways to use CapsimInbox.

The CapsimInbox Authoring Platform offers unlimited possibilities to turn your content into a relevant, engaging and practical learning experience that meets your objectives.

Knowledge Checks

Turn dry follow-up questions into interactive and practical exercises.

Pre/Post Assessments

Assess how well your course or program meets your learning objectives.

Hiring & Selection

Learn if job candidates are a good fit before you hire them.

Certification Courses

Feel confident certified individuals can perform a real-world setting.

Interactive Case Studies

Turn static case studies into interactive experiences in a real-world context.

Skill Gap Analysis​

Uncover the critical skill gaps keeping your employees from reaching their potential.

Microsimulation Pricing & Publishing Options

The CapsimInbox Authoring Platform is free. You can create and explore the possibilities of the tool at no cost, ever. When you are ready to publish a project, it’s up to you to set a price on the experience.

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From idea to experiential learning in hours.


Turn your learning objectives into a hands-on, relatable digital learning experience with real-world context. Take a case study, workshop, personal experience or idea and upgrade the delivery.


Bring your scenario to life using our user-friendly builder that looks and feels like the end-user experience — a familiar email environment. Creating content is as easy as writing an email, sending an instant message, or creating a PDF.


With the click of a button, your digital inbox simulation is published and accessible in any learning environment. Use cases include assessment, training & development, selection in hiring, interactive cases, certification courses, and more.

Meet the Author: CapsimInbox Human Resources

Role: Participants are Vice President of HR at an aerospace company.

Skills Measured: Performance Management, Compensation & Benefits, Ethics & Compliance, Talent Acquisition & Development, Labor Relations & Safety.

Want to learn more?

Read the full story of how Dr. Robert Portnoy brought Human Resources to life with CapsimInbox.

Play a 5-minute demo version of Dr. Portnoy’s microsimulation, CapsimInbox: Human Resources.

Publishing Options


Private versions are created to be shared and promoted by the Author — typically for their own course or program. Authors may also promote to friends and colleagues. All materials outside of what Capsim currently offers will be created by the author.

  • Author sets the price.
  • Minimum $5/participant.
  • Authors retain any revenue beyond $5/participant.


Public versions are created to be shared and promoted by Capsim, for a wider audience. This content is advertised via the Capsim website and available through our Shopping Cart. Peer review and ADA compliant material creation are included.

  • Author sets the price.
  • Minimum of $10/participant.
  • Revenue is split: 70% to Capsim, 30% to the author.