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September 13, 2013

Capsim’s new online knowledge-based customer service system is available seven days a week to provide instant answers, and to log support tickets for fast email response from our staff.

Using our newly built customer support web-based infrastructure, Capsim captures all Recent Topics from students, tracks frequently asked questions from around the world, and offers a complete knowledge base of 612 in-depth answers in text and/or video covering all areas of our simulations.

Plus, each student can log a support ticket and receive a live response from one of our experts seven days a week.

Access the complete system is under Help -> Support – the last tab on the topline menu bar in the simulation spreadsheet. It’s all the help they need contained within the simulation environment.

Our new telephone system ensures a live response 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday (US Central Time) and allows support tickets to be logged via telephone as well.

The voice menu allows you to select if you are a professor (answered by Client Relationship Services), a student (answered by Student Support Team) or abookstore. If all staff and our switchboard are busy, you can leave a message that we will make our top priority to respond to in timely fashion between 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday (US Central Time). The new system is designed to ensure every professor can speak with a Client Relationship Services team member and have his or her questions answered expediently.

Your CRC is always available for after hours support in an emergency, and email help is available seven days a week.

Watch this video explaining everything in more detail.

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