Featured Professor: Robert Girling

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September 13, 2013

One defining aspect of Capsim is staying power. The many professors who become long-term users demonstrate the relevance of Capsim business simulations over time.

Professor Robert Girling of Sonoma State University is one such professor. With Capsim since the early days of online-based business simulations, Girling is nearing his 20th year using Capsim, and it doesn’t sound like he would change a thing.

“[Capsim] is unquestionably the best tool I have found to provide students with the real world application of theoretical concepts and to integrate these concepts at the end of their 4 or 5 years of undergrad or MBA studies,” Girling said.

Professor Girling’s students agree, continually giving his teaching with Capsim top marks. “Invariably, I receive feedback that this activity is the most worthwhile aspect of their education,” he said.

Following the simulation, Professor Girling offers his students the opportunity to reflect on their experience in the simulation, in the form of a final paper. He asks them to focus on the way the simulation helped them develop their analytical, writing, financial, marketing and teamwork skills. It’s a critical opportunity to consolidate the benefits of the simulation experience.

Girling also requires students to prepare and present their companies to a board of directors, comprised of business executives and some of his past graduates. The pressure of showcasing their company to such an important audience increases the quality of presentations. “It is an essential part of the process as it assures me that each and every student understands and can explain in a professional setting just what they did and what they learned,” said Girling.

After nearly twenty years using Capsim, both Professor Robert Girling and his students are still finding that Capsim is the best learning tool for business acumen.

If you’d like to share your story on how Capsim’s business simulations have helped your class, contact us at welcome@capsim.com.

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